Why I’m Here


This all started with me being a control freak.

When I knew my roommate Katie was going to be studying abroad in Dublin the semester after me, I went nuts compiling a list of all the places I had gone and things I had done while I was there. For each pub/cafe/music venue/club, I wrote a blurb about my experience there—a disclaimer if you will: “best burrito in Dublin,” “sloppy club, but open the latest,” etc.  The general mentality was, If you don’t do everything I did, exactly as I did it, you’re doing it wrong.

But it was about more than that. When we arrive in a new place, it takes us time to nestle ourselves into a routine, to explore and discover what will inevitably become our new favorite places. To me, that is a waste of time.

Weeks before I was to leave for Dublin, my best friend Paige got me a Fodor’s Ireland travel book for Christmas. And I ate it up every page of that thing. It was so refreshing to have a rich, condensed, well-written guide to, what seems at the time, like an overwhelmingly foreign place. A good friend, from my previous semester abroad in Argentina, Kelsey, who had also studied in Ireland, also sent me a list of her favorite pubs and clubs (and hard ciders) in Dublin. I was thrilled to have a starting point for the adventuring that was about to commence, but it was only just that—a starting point.

I wound up discovering so much more in my personal exploring, and I just felt obligated to share that with those I was with, as well as those who would come after me. By the time I left Dublin, I had written down every place I had gone, every place I had wanted to go (but never did), and every place/thing that had been recommended to me. This list was what I wished I had had when I got to Dublin.

A couple weeks after Katie and friends got there, I melted with joy to hear via FaceTime that they were consulting my “guide” quite regularly. I felt like I was, even if in the slightest way, enriching their experience and saving them precious exploring time.

It was then I discovered how rewarding it is to forge the path for others to enjoy the things I’ve experienced, and that is the purpose of this site. I truly believe that Burlington is one of the greatest places in the world to live, and as students and young people, we have so much to explore and enjoy right at our finger tips.

But Burlington, as we all know, is not a cheap place to live. Rent downtown ranges from competitive to outrageous, and often leaves us little cash left to enjoy all the good stuff this bustling, fun little city has to offer. Or does it?

By managing this site, I am embarking on a mission to show the massive Burlington student populace that we can be broke and still have the time of our lives in our beloved college town.

For more about me, hop over here.


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