Hello There!



Oh hello! I’m Nicole—a senior studying Business Management, Publishing, and Foreign Language at Champlain College. I’m currently a resident of Burlington’s North End and I love where I live!

I’ve been lucky enough to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Dublin, Ireland. It was while living in these places that I fell in love with exploring cities and uncovering their local gems: from the quaintest bookshops and coziest cafés, to underground bars and late-night food joints.

I am a self-proclaimed foodie with fine taste and an adventurous palate. Some of my favorite foods cover a wide variety of genres and I love anything spicy, cheesy, or chocolatey. With that said, I am always ready and willing to try something new!

As a music enthusiast, I have an eye on upcoming shows and events at all times and love knowing what’s happening around town. Some of my favorite artists I’ve seen in Burlington have been Band of Horses, Strand of Oaks, Neutral Milk Hotel, Volcano Choir, and Gregory Alan Isakov.

In the past year, I have interned for couple great Vermont-based companies and have discovered an appreciation for supporting unique local businesses and promoting them through my writing—which I intend to do here!

At 23 years old, as a student working two jobs, I’m always trying to get the biggest bang for my buck. For that reason, I’ve got my eyes peeled for deals and I can’t wait to share my finds with you!


2 thoughts on “Hello There!

  1. Hey! So I am an R.A at UVM and came across your page and was really hoping that I could use some of the info you provided/ some of the descriptions you have for a bulletin board in my hall. I will of course give you credit on the board and encourage residents to check out your website. Let me know how that sounds!


    1. Hey Lila,
      I would be honored! Please feel free to use the deals on your board and promote the blog, along with its Facebook and Twitter pages. I do my best to post updates on there and link them to the deals on the blog. Way to be an awesome RA!
      Cheers, Nicole

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