Daily Food Deals


Every place has its deals… You just have to know the right day (or night) to go! Be sure to check daily drink deals here!

Every Weekday:


photo courtesy of American Flatbread

American Flatbread—Save a ton on lunch at this famous flatbread favorite with a $10 lunch combo, 11:30-3pm, Monday-Friday! Pair two of the following: wood-fired flatbread,  soup, and/or salad, for a satisfying midday steal. 115 St. Paul St., Burlington, with locations in Middlebury and Waitsfield.


Asiana Noodle Shop—Sushi lovers, rejoice! And then go to Asiana Noodle Shop at 88 Church St. 3-6pm for Sushi Happy Hour, when everything on their appetizer menu + select sushi rolls are all $5 or less! We’re pretty sure it doesn’t get any better than that.

McKee’s Pub & Grill—To Burlingtonians, this gem might be a bit overlooked, being just outside of town. But in Winooski, it’s a local fave. What makes it so great? Half price appetizers every weekday, 4-6pm! McKee’s is located right on the Winooski circle, just 2 miles outside of Burly.

Ruben James—On any given weeknight, 5pm-9pm, this is where you’ll find the cheapest wings in town… at 45 cents each! Have your pick of boneless or traditional, and choose from their over 15 different sauces! RJ’s is located right downtown at 159 Main St.

The Scuffer Steak & Ale House—Bet you didn’t know you could get half price appetizers at Scuffer’s, 4-6pm! Well, now you do. Nosh without the cost during this foodie-friendly happy hour, Monday-Friday. And now you can relish the spring weather with Scuffer’s outdoor seating at 148 Church St.!

Three Needs Taproom & Brewery—So you know about Duff hour, right? Well, what you might not know is that for the hour after the keg kicks, Three Needs dishes out $1 slices of pizza. Sure, beer is great. But if you ask me, pizza is what makes the world go ’round. Remember this the next time you’re ready to leave after having just beer.

Every Single Day:

Bluebird Barbecue—Wanna go ham on some barbecue for a steal? How about a heaping plate of poutine or a juicy double burger? Every day, 4:30-5:30 fly into bluebird for their early bird special and get three half portions of slow smoked meats with four from-scratch sides for $30, a $5 small plate of poutine, and/or a $10 double burger with your choice of side. Find this deal at 317 Riverside Avenue.

Hen of the Wood—If you think you can’t afford Hen of the Wood, think again! Every day, 4-5pm and 10-11pm, you can wander into this award-winning, warm, rustic space and slurp some salty/sweet oysters—just $1 each! Find it at 55 Cherry Street.

Leunig’s Bistro & Café—It may not be the cheapest deal out there, but it’s something everyone in Burlington should know about: Leunig’s Bistro Dinner. Any day of the week, eat like an early bird 3-5:30pm, or a night owl 9-10pm Sunday–Thursday, or 10-11pm Friday-Saturday, and get an appetizer + an entrée for $17.50! The entrées from this pre fixe menu include steak frites, strawberry rhubarb crusted salmon, and cavatappi carbonara. Important to note: Leunig’s doesn’t mess around. Their food is bomb.

St. Paul Street Gastrogrub—The word is out! The St. Paul Street Gastrogrub (the new best kept secret in the South End) serves $2 corn dogs. Indulge in this dirt-cheap guilty pleasure alongside a craft-brewed pint or on your way home from that house party, any night of the week until 2am. The Gastrogrub is located where Sofia’s Pizza used to be, on the corner of St. Paul and Maple.


Bluebird Barbecue—This short drive outside town is beyond worth it for “Between Bread Mondays” at Bluebird! What does this mean? Your choice of double burger or Nashville hot chicken sandwich—plus a made-from-scratch side—for just $10! Read what’s on these puppies, and you’re sure to be drooling. Find this deal at 317 Riverside Avenue.


Church Street Tavern—Satisfy your weekly wing craving with 1/2 price wings tonight! Choose from hot, barbecue, honey habanero, teriyaki, or double-dipped, all served with blue cheese and celery. You know where the Tavern is… go get ’em!

Citizen Cider—We can call cider an “eat” since its made from apples, right? Regardless, Citizen Cider serves up half price Unified Press draughts ALL DAY today. That’s $3. And if you haven’t meandered down to their 316 Pine Street  tasting room yet, you’re missing out. As they say, “get excidered!”

El Gato Cantina—Why wait ’til Taco Tuesday when you can get authentic Mexican $2 pollo and barbacoa tacos today? Wash ’em all down with a $3 Long Trail draft. El Gato wants to feed you for cheap at 169 Church St.

The Daily Planet—House made local beef, chicken, or chickpea burgers are only $6, and craft beers only $4 on a planet (not so) far far away, at 15 Center Street, downtown Burlington.

The Gryphon—Veggie lovers, today is your day! You’re invited to nosh on some $8 sweet potato nachos, and wash ’em down with a $5 margarita. Why not? You can’t miss the Gryphon on the corner of Main and St. Paul.

Manhattan Pizza & Pub—Manhattan’s does manic Monday right with not only Karaoke by Top Hat, but half price wings and $3.50 craft beers; that’ll give you something to sing about! Stop by 167 Main St. (on the corner of Main and Church).

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt—Today is the day you can get a whole lot o’ frozen yogurt by paying only $5. That’s right, Orange Leaf is charging $5 MAX for however much you can fit in that cup. Make it count, people. Orange Leaf is at 192 College St. downtown, Burlington.

Ruben James—Spice it up with Mexican Monday at the home of the original $2 taco! Wash ’em down with $6 house margaritas, $3.50 Dos Equis, and $3 Coronas tonight, and don’t forget the free chips and salsa! Find RJ’s at 159 Main Street.

The Wooden Spoon Bistro—If you find yourself hungry for a bite before a show at Higher Ground on a Sunday or Monday, you’re in luck! Walk over to the Wooden Spoon at 1210 Williston Road, South Burlington for a $10 8oz burger + beer steal. Yes, this deal still stands on Sundays as well!


Bluebird Tavern—”Dear Mr. William Shakespeare, if the world is my oyster, then I shall require some lemon and tabasco.” It’s oyster night at Bluebird! Slurp that east coast salty goodness for just $1.50 a piece. And 4:30-6pm, every guest gets a half dozen FREE!

Church Street Tavern—Buy a shuck from Buck! For all you fine-taste folk, our friend Buck, at the Tavern, has oysters on the half-shell *for just a buck* every Tuesday night. Yes, each one is just $1. Even better, you can slurp an Orange Crush along with ’em for $5. Take a quick stroll over to 103 Church St. for this salty/sweet Tuesday treat.

Citizen Cider—It’s Taco Tuesday at Citizen’s. I’m talking about DANK $5 meat or veggie tacos with fresh add-’em-yourself fixins like lime juice, chopped  onions, cilantro, and homemade pico de gallo. I’ve had these, people. And they’re tough to beat. Citizen Cider’s tasting room is perched on 316 Pine St. in the heart of the South End Arts District. ¡Salud!


photo courtesy of The Daily Planet

The Daily Planet—Taking Taco Tuesday two steps further, the Daily Planet goes all out with Tijuana Tuesday specials: $2 tacos, $2 Tecate bottles, and $2 tequila shots! Cuidado, or you might end up convinced you’re actually somewhere south of the border. Find this peso-saving piece of paradise at 15 Center Street, downtown Burlington.

Manhattan Pizza & Pub—¡Atención! Taco Tuesday is taking over; Manhattan’s is hooking us up with $2 chicken, beef, or fish tacos today. They’re even throwing in $4 Switchbacks and $4 Sauza shots to sweeten the deal. Take a walk over to the corner of Church & Main to see what this is all about.

See Nightlife for drink specials today/tonight!


Bluebird Barbecue—Not feeling the burger bandwagon tonight? Fear not! Bluebird Barbecue changes things up with cheap fried chicken, every Wednesday. For three pieces of buttermilk-brined, deep-fried chicken with two sides, $16 doesn’t sound bad to us! Find this deal at 317 Riverside Avenue.


The Chubby Muffin—If you haven’t yet ventured to visit the Skinny Pancake’s sister, the Chubby Muffin, it’s about time you do. This North End gem serves up a $10 beefy burger + beer combo today that is sure to satisfy those mid-week burger/beer urges. Uncover this hidden treasure at 88 Oak St, Burlington.

Junior’s Rustico—What better excuse to wander out of town tonight than for half price tapas?! The lure grows with half price red, white, and rosé Santesu wine. Find it all at 408 Shelburne Rd. in South Burlington!

Nectar’s—If you’re worried about crowds and long waits on burger night, Nectar’s evens out the scales by offering up our favorite Wednesday night deal… half price burgers! The burger + fries is about $5.50, but heads up—cheese and other select toppings are extra! This deal runs 5pm-2am. Find Nectar’s downtown at 188 Main St.


The Scuffer Steak & Ale House—It may not say so on their website, but take it from me that Scuffer’s (also on Church Street) serves up half price burgers on Wednesday nights as well. Speaking from experience, the Burlington Burner with chipotle mayo, red onion, jalapeño, and pepper jack cheese is bangin’. Find Scuffer’s at 148 Church St.

The Skinny Pancake—Our favorite downtown crêpe joint does Heady Hump Day right with $5 Heady Toppers and $2 off Heady Hot Dogs (that’s about $7 for two fancy local hot dogs dipped in crepe batter and fried corn dog style, with a salad and a side of mustard aioli). We double-dog dare you to say no to that. Nosh and sip to live music in their warm and woody, laid-back atmosphere. The Skinny Pancake is on the corner of Lake and College Streets by the waterfront!


Citizen Cider—Citizen’s strikes again with their Hot Dog + a Can Thursdays. As if you didn’t have enough of a reason to go before, today you get a mean McKenzie hot dog + a 16oz can of their classic Unified Press cider for $5 (+ tax). Kick your weekend off right at this local gem down on 316 Pine St.

El Gato Cantina—Add some thrill to your Thursday with half price nachos and $3 Magic Hat drafts at your favorite Church St. Cantina. With the nachos down to about $7 today, add the beer, and you’ll have a very happy belly for close to 10 bucks—or even less if your share with a friend! El Gato is waiting for you.

The Gryphon—Grab a burger + beer meal at the Gryphon tonight for a cheap $10… and they’re not holding out! This deal includes choice of cheese with fries or greens, and any draught at 131 Main St, Burlington.

Rí Rá Irish Pub—In case you missed burger day/night, or just can’t get enough of Rí Rá, today’s your lucky day! Starting at 11:30am and going all night, hit up your favorite Irish pub for a pint of Sam Adams and a pound of wings, all for a grand total of 10 quid dollars.

Ruben James—Forget that Wednesday burger-night hype! RJ’s has rebelled by offering up $5.99 burgers on Thursdays instead. Choose from a mad variety of 14 different burgers, cooked your way, with chips, fries, or a salad on the side. The night gets even better 9:30-11pm when you can snag FREE wings from RJ’s! Enjoy drink specials all night, as well as a DJ 11pm-2am.


Manhattan Pizza & Pub—Eat the week away with this favorite Friday deal: a Philly cheese steak with fries or greens for just $5.99 at Hattie’s!  Drop a few more bucks on a cheap drink special and you’ll still be comin’ in under budget. 167 Main St, Burlington.

Ruben James—TGIF! Kick off the weekend at RJ’s tonight with FREE wings 6:30-7:30pm. Be there to win prizes from Long Trail 6-8pm!

South End Kitchen—Celebrate the end of the week with some greasy, salty goodness and visit the South End for $15 fish ‘n chips tonight! Dessert of ice cream included! The SEK is at 716 Pine St.


South End Kitchen—Date night deal! Grab someone you like and treat yourselves to two entrees, two beers, and two ice cream cones tonight for $40! Find the SEK in the up-and-coming South End Arts District, at 716 Pine St.



Bluebird Barbecue—Got a kiddo in your life? Maybe you’re in college but still pass for being 12? Kids eat free at Bluebird Barbecue today with the purchase of an adult platter! Find this deal at 317 Riverside Avenue.

The Wooden Spoon Bistro—If you find yourself hungry for a bite before a show at Higher Ground on a Sunday or Monday, you’re in luck! Walk over to the Wooden Spoon at 1210 Williston Road, South Burlington for a $10 8oz burger + beer steal.


An enormous thank you to Joshua Pothen for his contributions to the list of deals you see on this site!


Spending Less, Eating More: Friday Night Truck Stop

Cheap Thrills, Eats, Nightlife

The Lazy Farmer food truck shows off its creative and affordable menu with $9 falafel sandwich, $8 pulled pork sandwich, $5 chinese taco, and $3 fries.

One of our favorite summer foodie events here in Burly is the Friday night Truck Stop. We’re there at Artsriot every week, kicking off the weekend with a drink in one hand and a full paper plate in the other. But just ’cause the food comes from a truck doesn’t always mean it’s cheap.

This parking lot is jam-packed with the best-of-the-best locally-foraged/grown/raised/procured foods in Vermont, crafted into meals, snacks, and treats that are just as easy on the eyes as they are on the taste buds. With the overwhelming variety of appetite-inducing displays, smells, and chalkboard signs boasting menus of drool-worthy, fresh flavors, it’s easy to splurge as you taste your way around.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m the type of person who needs to get her eyes on everything before committing. Not to mention, I want to spend as little time in those crazy lines as possible. It’s all about spending less (less time eyeballing, time waiting, money), and eating more.

Last week, we made sure to scope out our favorite affordable & delectable food truck fare from the various trucks present. Now the lineup and menus do vary from week to week, but the next time you’re looking to spend less and eat more at this food truck fantasy land, keep a lookout for these:

The Burger Barn

IMG_0054These juicy burgers start at just $5, and “frys” are only $4.

The Hindquarter

IMG_0058Every <$10 item on this menu is worth every penny. Especially the $3 sides and snacks!

Scout’s Honor Creamery


IMG_0064You know you’re in the right place when everything on the dessert menu is less than six bucks. I promise you’ve never had mint chip ice cream taste so natural, and you’ve definitely never had a brownie ice cream sandwich like this before. And let it be known, that French macaron ice cream sandwich is the real. deal.

Hog & Harvest


IMG_0065Hello $3 and $4 bites. Perfect for those of us looking to taste a bit of everything!

Dolce VT 


IMG_0070Once again, a menu of everything less than $10. For these flavors, at these prices, Dolce VT does not disappoint.


IMG_0073Every delicious and vegan-approved plate the Pingala cart serves up is just $6!

Taco Truck All Stars

IMG_0075Hands down this is my favorite Truck Stop taco. The cheapest and the meatiest. Only $3!!

Jam Bakery

IMG_0079Jam Bakery wins my award for the cutest truck by far. Not only that, but their prices and goodies are just as sweet as their look! The most expensive option is $4 for pie?! They also have $2.50 cookies, $1.50 brownies, blondies, and macarons, and $3 sweet tea!

Farmers & Foragers
IMG_0082The mile-long line for this truck speaks for itself. They know how to do gourmet grub that won’t break the bank.

Southern Smoke

IMG_0085In my opinion, any good pulled pork sandwich is worth the petty change of a mere $7. Especially this one.

Get Baked

FullSizeRender$3 For a homemade cupcake with customizable cake, frosting, and sprinkle combos? Yes please! $5 for two if you have more than one mouth to feed or can’t settle on just one 😉

Drank Stand


IMG_0088Stay hydrated!

Late Night Bites


For when you gotta get something in that stomach besides alcohol, check out these spots for a quick pit stop in-between bars or on the walk home:

4296824498_6ee875ac76_zAhli Baba’s Kabob Shop—This hole-in-the-wall treasure is located on Main Street, conveniently nestled in between Manhattan’s and RJ’s. While just about everything on the hand-painted menu is relatively cheap, their order of fries (*with a side of garlic mayo*) is as low as you can go, totaling $2.50. For the cheapest late-night nibble I’ve had in a while (maybe EVER), these puppies had me literally drooling in between bites. And my boyfriend Billy, who was skeptical about the garlic mayo… Well, his eyes were rolling back in his head.

More goodies to come. Stay tuned!