Spending Less, Eating More: Friday Night Truck Stop

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The Lazy Farmer food truck shows off its creative and affordable menu with $9 falafel sandwich, $8 pulled pork sandwich, $5 chinese taco, and $3 fries.

One of our favorite summer foodie events here in Burly is the Friday night Truck Stop. We’re there at Artsriot every week, kicking off the weekend with a drink in one hand and a full paper plate in the other. But just ’cause the food comes from a truck doesn’t always mean it’s cheap.

This parking lot is jam-packed with the best-of-the-best locally-foraged/grown/raised/procured foods in Vermont, crafted into meals, snacks, and treats that are just as easy on the eyes as they are on the taste buds. With the overwhelming variety of appetite-inducing displays, smells, and chalkboard signs boasting menus of drool-worthy, fresh flavors, it’s easy to splurge as you taste your way around.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m the type of person who needs to get her eyes on everything before committing. Not to mention, I want to spend as little time in those crazy lines as possible. It’s all about spending less (less time eyeballing, time waiting, money), and eating more.

Last week, we made sure to scope out our favorite affordable & delectable food truck fare from the various trucks present. Now the lineup and menus do vary from week to week, but the next time you’re looking to spend less and eat more at this food truck fantasy land, keep a lookout for these:

The Burger Barn

IMG_0054These juicy burgers start at just $5, and “frys” are only $4.

The Hindquarter

IMG_0058Every <$10 item on this menu is worth every penny. Especially the $3 sides and snacks!

Scout’s Honor Creamery


IMG_0064You know you’re in the right place when everything on the dessert menu is less than six bucks. I promise you’ve never had mint chip ice cream taste so natural, and you’ve definitely never had a brownie ice cream sandwich like this before. And let it be known, that French macaron ice cream sandwich is the real. deal.

Hog & Harvest


IMG_0065Hello $3 and $4 bites. Perfect for those of us looking to taste a bit of everything!

Dolce VT 


IMG_0070Once again, a menu of everything less than $10. For these flavors, at these prices, Dolce VT does not disappoint.


IMG_0073Every delicious and vegan-approved plate the Pingala cart serves up is just $6!

Taco Truck All Stars

IMG_0075Hands down this is my favorite Truck Stop taco. The cheapest and the meatiest. Only $3!!

Jam Bakery

IMG_0079Jam Bakery wins my award for the cutest truck by far. Not only that, but their prices and goodies are just as sweet as their look! The most expensive option is $4 for pie?! They also have $2.50 cookies, $1.50 brownies, blondies, and macarons, and $3 sweet tea!

Farmers & Foragers
IMG_0082The mile-long line for this truck speaks for itself. They know how to do gourmet grub that won’t break the bank.

Southern Smoke

IMG_0085In my opinion, any good pulled pork sandwich is worth the petty change of a mere $7. Especially this one.

Get Baked

FullSizeRender$3 For a homemade cupcake with customizable cake, frosting, and sprinkle combos? Yes please! $5 for two if you have more than one mouth to feed or can’t settle on just one 😉

Drank Stand


IMG_0088Stay hydrated!