Sangha Studio: Name-Your-Price Yoga

Cheap Thrills

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Whether you have ever done yoga or not, I won’t try to tell you all the remarkable things it can do for you. You can Google that. What I will tell you is that a good yoga class, with the right instructor, can change my whole day my whole week for the better.

As someone who hates running and traditional gym workouts, taking a yoga class is the most reviving, refreshing, strenuously challenging, and most rewarding exercise I’ve ever experienced. I can tell you that it focuses me, it calms me, and it stretches and strengthens muscles that I didn’t even know I had. It helps me sleep, manage my anxiety, and just feel healthier all-around. And no matter how often I go, I’m usually just the slightest bit sore the next morning, which is always the most glorious feeling of accomplishment.

But alas, anything that costs money gives us an automatic excuse to just not do it, right? Sure there are free yoga classes on campus, but personally speaking, either my academic schedule always conflicts, or I’m just not crazy about the particular instructor teaching. I’ve found that really enjoying and getting the most out of yoga requires an instructor that you connect with. For me, that instructor is Caitlin Pascucci.

I started practicing with Caitlin two years ago when she taught at the Champlain College Fitness Center. I was immediately impressed by her passion and confidence in teaching, and her wise insight on how each pose can be modified to fit our own unique bodies. I also felt inspired by her, like taking her classes would help me challenge myself to improve my strength, balance, and focus—giving me a complete, well-rounded mind/body/soul workout. After that semester, things changed, as they do. I studied abroad, and when I got back, my academic schedule had sadly taken over my on-campus yoga schedule.

But in that time, Caitlin had done an amazing thing. She had opened her own non-profit Sangha Studio on Main Street, and eventually, its pricing has become completely donation-based. Not only that, it’s a sanctuary for all yogis and yoginis who practice there. For me, it is a place of peace, centering, and physical engagement. I can confidently say that Caitlin and the other Sangha instructors know their sh!t, and that they are damn good at helping you feel absolutely amazing.

The best part: students like us don’t have to dish out a fortune to keep coming! The fact that Sangha Studio has donation-based pricing allows you to name your price for a class, or a package of classes. Or, you have the option to become a sustaining member for a monthly donation of $39. Though the suggested donation per class is $10, you are free to pay what you want to pay (within reason, of course), or pay what you can pay. Their mission: “Health and wellness is a right of life, not a luxury. Participate, regardless of skill level and income.

So that’s it. You’re out of excuses. For convenience sake, I’m posting Sangha Studio’s class schedule here. Pick a class, and take a walk to 200 Main St. Suite 7, Burlington. You can’t go wrong, and you won’t regret it. Namaste.